Frazzled 3: Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertanties

Frazzled 3: Minor Incidents and Absolute Uncertanties

Written by Booki Vivat

Illustrated by Booki Vivat

In the third and final installment of the New York Times bestselling series Frazzled, Abbie Wu is about to venture off to an Outdoor School trip and has to make new friends—but of course, she is totally freaking out!

Pointdexter Middle School is gearing up for an outdoor adventure. Abbie and her classmates will spend one week camping in the woods, learning stuff about nature, and making new friends. While Abbie’s usual friends seem to adjust fine to their assigned groups, she doesn’t quite fit in—with anyone! If that isn’t bad enough, her camp counselors are totally weird and she can’t figure out what is up with the Golden Pig. Abbie feels all alone at camp. Will she learn how to fit in yet stay true to herself? Or will she finally reach her breaking point?

Packed with hilarious black-and-white illustrations and doodles throughout, the final Frazzled book takes readers through more of Abbie Wu’s hysterical middle school adventures.